Referential Data export

ODE Framework provide an referential’s data export API granted by OAuth2 or HTTP Bascis credential. In some integration case, it can be usefull for data’s setup in third party application.


In backoffice, go to external application management screen (application registry > external application) and choose a structure (a school)

1. Create a new external application

  • enter your external application’s identifier. It will become the application’s clientID in Oauth2 vocabulary

2. Setup advanced options

  • enter a secret code (to grant access to external application)

  • set identification mode to chosse Basic

  • configure authorized scopes. You have to tip the full qualified name of the endpoint you want to grant. You must separe scope with a space.


the following endpoint are availables



Fetch Data

List Structures

curl -i -kH "Authorization: Basic {base64(clientId:secret)}==" https://$domaineENT/directory/structures
        "name":"Collège Denis Poisson",
        "address":"15 RUE DE LA VARENNE",
        "phone":"+33 1 64 59 25 20",

List users per structure

curl -i -kH "Authorization: Basic {base64(clientId:secret)}==" https://$domaineENT/directory/user/structures/list?format=xml&uai=0805432C&uai=5551628K
    {...}, ...

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