Override Theme

The theme’s build process follows a waterfall composition :

  1. Configure parent theme

  2. Create a child theme that will inherit UI’s artefacts from its parent ('img', 'js', 'fonts', 'template', 'css')

  3. Customize UI’s artefacts in /overrides directory under your child theme root

In theme-conf.js (under your springboard’s root) configure the theme 'waterfall structure' with the overriding object

overriding: [
        parent: 'theme-open-ent',
        child: 'ode',
        skins: ['default', 'dyslexic']

The whole theme 'waterfall structure' looks like bellow :

|── <your-parent-theme>
│   ├── css
│   ├── img
│   ├── js
│   ├── portal.html
│   ├── skins
│   └── template
└── <your-child-theme>
    │   ├── overrides
    │   ├── img
    │   └── template
    │       ├── override.json
    ├── css
    ├── img
    ├── js
    ├── portal.html
    ├── skins
    └── template

So the theme built process (launched with ./build.sh buildFront) respects the next logic :

  1. Fetch parent themes and its dependencies

  2. Copy overridable UI’s artefacts ('img', 'js', 'fonts', 'template', 'css') from parent theme to child theme

  3. Squash overridable UI’s artefacts with child theme specific overrides (placed under <your-child-theme>/overrides/)

  4. Run build process (SASS …​)


Describe overriding policy into <your-child-theme>/overrides/template/override.json :

  • key must be a template’s directory (so an application name)

  • value must be an string array containing template’s name

  "auth": ["activation-form", "forgot-form"],
  "portal": ["conversation-unread"]

Create directories and templates you declare into override.json under <your-child-theme>/overrides/template/`

    ├── overrides
        ├── img
        └── template
            ├── override.json
If you want to keep parent theme specific templates you need to cp <your-parent-theme>/template/ <your-child-theme>/overrides/template/ and follow above instructions


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Image and Fonts

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