The eventer is a simple publish-subscribe messaging system. Unlike native CustomEvents, it doesn’t have to be called from a DOM element, but can be used anywhere in your code.

It allows triggering and listening to custom messages.

import { Eventer } from ‘entcore-toolkit’;

const eventer = new Eventer();
Description Member

Listen to an event

eventer.on(‘myevent’, () ⇒ console.log(‘event’));

Stop listening


Stop listening for a specific function

const myFunc = () ⇒ console.log(‘f’);

eventer.on(‘myevent’, myFunc); eventer.off(‘myevent’, myFunc);

Listen only once

eventer.once(‘myevent’, myFunc);

Trigger event


Listen to an event with data

eventer.on(‘myevent’, (data) ⇒ console.log(‘event’ + data.message));

Trigger event with data

eventer.trigger(‘myevent’, {“message” : “hello !”});

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