Mix is a basic tool for casting. When you retrieve data from the server, it’s sent as basic objects (if you log a JSON response in Chrome, it will show as Object). In Typescript, you can use type assertion (see type assertion in https://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/basic-types.html) to trick the compiler into ignoring the type difference :

const myObj = obj as MyClass;

But the new object is still a basic Object for the interpreter, and it still doesn’t contain all the methods you’ve added to your class. It’s also not an instance of your class:

console.log(myObj instanceof MyClass);
// false

You can use Mix to create a new instance of your class using your object:

import { Mix } from ‘entcore-toolkit’;

const myObj = Mix.castAs(MyClass, obj);

You can also cast arrays:

const myArray = Mix.castArrayAs(MyClass, arr);

And you can add properties from an object to an existing object:

Mix.extend(this, mixin);

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