ODE Framework provides a library to schedule tasks with cron expression. Its source code is available in vertx-cron-timer repository It uses the cron expression implementation from Quartz and the Vertx’s timer.

Adds dependency to library

Adding a version property to the

Choose the last git tag, 1.0.1 nowadays

Adding dependency to library in build.gradle:

dependencies {
	compile "fr.wseduc:vertx-cron-timer:$vertxCronTimer"

Implements your Job

Create a class that implement Handler<Long> :

public class $JobClassName implements Handler<Long> {

    public $JobClassName() {}

    public void handle(Long event) {
        // Writes the code to run here

Schedules your job with a cron expression

public class $VerticuleAppName extends BaseServer {

    public void start() {


        // Example : here the default cron expression is "every day at 4am"
        final String cronExpression = container.config().getString("$yourProperty$Cron", "0 0 4 * * ?");

        try {
            new CronTrigger(vertx, cronExpression).schedule(
                    new $JobClassName()
        } catch (ParseException e) {
            log.fatal("Invalid cron expression.", e);
schedule jobs are usually declare in the main verticle of your application. It’s a good place to init your application’s context. .
Your application must contain a configuration property to ajust the default cron expression. Hard coded cron expressions are to avoid.

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